Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Making Sense Of The Myriad ArtScape

The vitality of the action of moving colours  and shapes on a surface is as much a part of the creative process as the image created.

A large part of this action focuses on the reasoning as the starting point.

Why. How. Who. When. Where. What.  These comphrehensive categories underpin the threading of the many 'isms' and styles and manifestations of CA.

From this perspective, the contemporary art development is explored extensively in this panoramic survey.

For me, the history of  art is liberating.

It re-emphasizes the value of the individual. His uniqueness. His voice. Mind. Ideas. Diligence. Giftedness. Effort. Work.

Finally the work itself is appreciated on these criteria: 

Interesting. Intelligent. Original.

Orson Welles narrates this brilliant and equally captivating review.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Picasso The Greatest Force In Contemporary Art History

One major force that puts the attention on individuality in the creative process is Picasso.

Wherever a turning point in art direction is significant, Picasso's contributions are there as large as his passion for involvement with different women as for mastering different art media.

This video takes a retrospective look at the areas of ideas, influences, his thinking, his choice of content materials and the medium of expressions over ninety years of thousands of prints, drawings, ceramics, sculptures in stones, bronze, steel, assemblages, paintings in inks, oils mixed media, films, photographs, calligraphy, illustrations, murals, posters, poetry and plays.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

At The MET Art Sizzles

Another lavish collection painstakingly assembled and curated over years is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Friday, July 31, 2015

MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art Collection

"Taking the elements of the past and reshapes it".

That in a nutshell, is what contemporary art is about.

In the MOMA in New York is a treasure trove.

This video entrancingly takes us into the dizzy-complex-sockowoko-enchanting dimension of the imagination.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

More On Abstract Art With Matthew Collins In A BBC Presentation

Abstract art takes the viewer into fresh areas of thinking and creating.

It has a discipline that is as demanding as creating in the genre of the impressionists or the expressionists or the symbolists or the fauvists.

This video by the BBC takes a close look at the process of creating by the serious practitioners of this particular genre.

It is revealing and inspiring.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Appreciating Abstract Artists And Their Creations

The language of plastic arts has been the basic elements of the line, shape, form, space, texture, colour.

The organisation of these into shapes and meanings could be seen in cave-drawings and on stones in early societies.

Artisans and hunters, medicine men and teachers, used these marks as magic symbols to cure or to instruct, to inspire or to record for pleasure or for documentation.

These marks were abstract in nature. Their purposes were many: decorative, expressive, symbolic, magical, functional.

European artists took to organising the art elements to represent the real.

Roman sculptures and the painters and sculptors of the Renaissance took this organisation to high representation - REALISM.

Contemporary artist pushed the limits and presented the SUPER-REALISTIC genre.

We have come full circle.

The organisation of the art elements as themselves revealing their nature through the interpretation of the artist-designer-magician is the subject of this BBC documentary.

I found it engaging.