Thursday, August 27, 2015

Duty To Your Position Of Office: Managing The Nation's Resources

Decent citizens are gathering to ask
the ones they elected
to manage the nation's resources:

Why citizens need to remind the elected representatives:


First of all Bersih 4 is not about revolution or overthrowing the government.

It is about corruption, non-accountability, mismanagenent and removing the source
of corruption and curbing the abuse of power.

It is like the civil rights movement of the 1960s in America.

It is about social justice, clean and fair election and basic freedoms.

It is about good governance, accountability and responsibility of the government to the people.

It is never about revolution!

It is about the right of the people to voice their grivances and unhappiness to the ruling government
to listen and make the necessary changes and reforms.

Bersih 4 is a peaceful rally by the people for the people to the ruling government 
to make the necessary reforms for the benefit of the country.

It is not even a protest in the strictest sense of the word.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Prayer For Healing: BERSIH 4


Gracious Creator of all, bless you for your wonder-filled creation.

For the amazing colours of the sky and clouds;

For creatures of surprising abilities that fly, crawl, swim, waddle; slither; gallop;

For the things of the earth that give health and strength and wealth;

For the abilities to think and create and organise to bring human advancement;

For value systems that keep civilisation safe from corruption;

For human beings with functioning moral compass to judge right from wrong;

For righteous leaders who use the power of office to develop the nation;

For opportunities to nurture the young in safe surroundings;

For good caregivers whose words and deeds are compassionate;

For drawing all human beings of goodwill together to do good;

Keep each safe from tasers and batons;
from vile blame-throwers welding rods;
from knuckle-dusters and boots;
from those set to cause injury and discord;

Protect all from evil who gather for peace.

Frustrate evil plans with transformation of the same into blessings

Let good human beings who walked the past be present to bring protection and strength;

Let goodness and grace and joy and calm bring healing to our land this coming days.

Let your presence be felt and acknowledged.

Bless you Gracious Creator.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taser Guns For Criminals Or For Decent Human Beings?

When is good bad and bad is good?

When the moral compass cannot tell which is which, do you think that

Have a look at what may be used on those wearing yellow to celebrate National Day.

DIRTY MONEY: How A Country Can Be Brought To Ruin

Misconduct and abuse of office are two subversive words. They describe specific deeds which practised over a long period cumulatively will cause hardships to thousands of hardworking citizens. Those who live decent lives to bring up up decent families with thrift, diligence and good values will have their fixed income dwindled from the effects of the distorted money supply created by CORRUPTION.

CORRUPTION, the specific word that summarises Misconduct and Abuse of office.

DIRTY MONEY traces the way that shows how top decision makers are the ones responsible for specific misconduct and abuse of their office.

Nick McKenzie 2010

In the late 1990s, the Reserve Bank Of Australia thought it was on a winner. The bank had developed the technology to create revolutionary polymer bank notes. The Reserve decided to set up a subsidiary company called Securency that would part-own with private interests, to sell the technology to the world.
It had just one problem - getting access to other central bank officials to pitch the idea. So, instead of making bank-to-bank representations, Securency decided to employ middle-men to make "connections with relevant officials..."

Saturday, August 22, 2015

BITTER LAKE: Making Sense

The traditional stories about bad guys and heroes are clear.

Good guys wear white. They do good deeds.

Bad guys are cruel. They cheat, lie, steal.

Good guys are heroes.

There are missing pieces in these stories.

It is hard to tell by looking at the colours of their dress or their flags or the words in their talks to tell bad guys from heroes. Because good can be bad. And bad can be excellent. It depends who tells these stories.

This particular video gives a specific demonstration of how to interpret and link the missing pieces that are complex and quite senseless.

From it, some inferences and lessons can be drawn to understand how politics, finance, ideology, greed, power, security can forge alliances among enemies and damage relationships among friends.

I found it both educational and frightening.

See how you read the inferences after watching.

Bitter Lake
Adam Curtis 2015 2:16:43
Bitter Lake explores how the realpolitik of the West has converged on a mirror image of itself throughout the Middle-East over the past decades, and how the story of this has become so obfuscating and simplified that we, the public, have been left in a bewildered and confused state. The narrative traverses the United States, Britain, Russia and Saudi Arabia—but the country at the centre of reflection is Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is the place that has confronted political figureheads across the West with the truth of their delusions—that they cannot understand what is going on any longer inside the systems they have built which do not account for the real world. Bitter Lake sets out to reveal the forces that over the past thirty years, rose up and commandeered those political systems into subservience, to which, as we see now, the highly destructive stories told by those in power, are inexorably bound to. The stories are not only half-truths, but they have monumental consequences in the real world.

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