Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hip Hoppers: Expressive Communication

Look at what this art form expresses: fluid movements that are imaginative, visually arresting, communicatively provocative in meaning and gestures.

And definitely original and reflective of the now-generation's attitude, habits, taste and style.

I like and enjoy the vigour and the personal eloquence of the dancers.

It is like watching the BIG BANG of the improvisation-process growing into an arresting new form.

Watch the taunts and put-downs and the forms of answer-backs. Brilliant body-language!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Fresh Art Form

A new combination of techno-application with contemporary dance steps: passion, intelligence and originality in co-ordinated movements.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Passion Makes Sense!

A question that was posed: what connections are required from the beginning of time to get your parents to meet so that you can be here at this moment?

That was mind-boggling!

Imagine all that effort and time and energy and all I do is twiddle my toes and eat and work on quite insignificant stuff for years and years.

That's when the elements of passion, imagination, creativity and personal growth become important enough to be considered seriously as features of my own life.

Ken Robinson connects the dots beautifully to make sense of the diverse elements that need to come together to make meaning and sense for a life of meaning and sense.

My! That's deep!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

When You Are In Your Element You Are In Happiness!

"In your element", an idiom with stunning impact, expresses an opening into happiness.

I know that when I am painting or carving or drawing, I feel happy and relax while enjoying what I am doing.

I feel the same when I am with a group of students or friends exploring subjects or situations where creating something is involved.

Sir Kent Robinson describes this state as being in one's element.

And he stunts with this impactful description: THE POINT AT WHICH NATURAL TALENT MEETS PERSONAL PASSION.

Stay on to hear this remarkable person sharing his insights with clarity and humour.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interesting-Intelligent-Original Russian Dolls At Play

There are three components in a created piece that increase our pleasure of appreciation when we are aware of them.

The three components:

Is it interesting?

Is it intelligent?

Is it original?

Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences (currently at 9 intelligences) and Daniel Goleman's emotional intelligences give wonderous insights into the complex functioning of the intelligences and the multi-dimensional structure of feelings.

When we watch a performance that is intelligently concepted, smartly executed and stylishly delivered, we are not aware of the behind-the-scene smarts that are integrated.

Watch this interesting-intelligent-original creation:

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Daniel Goleman And Emotional Intelligence

Here is the breaking news: I.Q. and technical skills are only entry level skills for top management candidates. What top management leaders must have is E.I. That insight comes from Daniel Goleman.

What is E.I.?

Why is it so valued?

Briefly from Daniel Goleman:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Howard Gardner Speaking Of His Findings On Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner researched the areas that are commonly called intelligences. He has collated his researches, updated and revised them several times. From the seven intelligences which he published in the seventies, he has since updated them to nine intelligences.

This update is significant. It calls to mind that he is continually studying a very dynamic subject.

Although many schools and education institutions have applied his principles of learning and teaching, he has critics who are skeptical of his theories of intelligences and his approaches to learning.

Hear him explaining some facets of his researches which I personally find enlightening and useful for my learning  and for my work.

Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner: